Lim Qi Xuan (c.1991) is a Singaporean visual designer with an unhealthy obsession with words, images, and everything in between.


based in the netherlands


ma information design
Design academy eindhoven

'In a world deluged by irrelevant information, clarity is power', these are the words of my favourite writer, Yuval Noah Harari. I strive to become a designer that helps people find clarity in everyday life.

Since a young age, I have a fascination with observing people and the ways in which we consume information. I am interested in the many ways in which image cultures shape behaviours, trends, desires, politics and our understanding of the world—for the better or worse.

In 2016, I was awarded the prestigious DesignSingapore Scholarship to pursue an MA in Information Design in the Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands. Before that, I worked several years in educational, cultural and advertising sectors, with experiences working in Singapore, Stockholm and Venice.

To date, I have more than six years of experience in digital design, with my strengths lying primarily in interface and visual design.


my practice



Digital and Information Design

 In a digital age where information proliferates on our screens, this field fosters an efficient and effective way of conveying and consuming information. The challenge to bridge the gap between technology, complex ideas and the everyday user drives me to work everyday!


Illustration and infographics

My childhood dream was to be a children's book illustrator, and although that has changed with time, it did not stop me from drawing. Today, I use my skills to help numerous brands tell stories through illustration, both digitally and traditionally. If you will like to see my illustration works, drop me an email!



Yes, I also have an art practice on the side. That is where my nickname, Qimmy, comes from. I make sculptures under my art moniker, QimmyShimmy. My works have been exhibited in cities like New York, Melbourne, Milan and London. You can find my works on instagram @qimmyshimmy. Enjoy the darker side of my mind!


If you have work, a crazy idea, or a design problem in need of solving, just send an email my way!